Buying Tires: Some Necessary Details

It is possible to purchase motorcycle tyres online in Sri Lanka, but before doing so, it is recommended that you familiarise yourself with some industry standard practices.

For instance, the quantity of tread that is necessary for your tyres will differ from one type of terrain to another based on where you spend most of your time riding. It is essential to have tyres that can adapt their level of grip depending on the surface of the road in order to ensure safe driving in a broad variety of situations.

In addition to its design and the materials it is made of, the width of a tyre is an important factor in determining how well it will perform. If you happen to live in an area that is riddled with deep ruts and potholes, for example, you might want to consider upgrading to beefier tires so that you can decrease the frequency with which you need to replace them.

The construction of the tyre is also quite important, and generally speaking, you can pick between two different types: tubed or tubeless. Tubeless tyres are more susceptible to sustaining punctures than tubed ones. This is because tubeless tyres lack an inner tube, which enables tubed tyres to be inflated or deflated according to the conditions of the road. When compared to their tubed counterparts, tubeless tyres have a limited number of applications. When you already have a type of tyre on your bike that needs inflated and you know that you’ll need to pump it up after being in the sun for a while, choose a tyre that doesn’t have an inner tube to save money on a separate pump. This will allow you to save money on a tyre that doesn’t have an inner tube. The fact that you won’t need to purchase a separate pump to inflate it will save you some money.

Always double-check the sidewall of your tyres to ensure that they are the correct size. The vast majority of motorists do not go to the trouble of checking this information and instead choose the option that initially appears to have the lowest cost. Because it can cause damage to the brakes and make it difficult to steer, installing a tyre of the incorrect size on the front wheel can be quite hazardous.

Before making any purchases, keep in mind that the going prices for bike tyres in Sri Lanka are frequently near the upper end of the pricing spectrum. 

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