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Each year, a different set of problems—from healthcare to the environment to racial inequality—come to the forefront of international attention. Designers have evolved into content producers and movement organisers, providing graphic playbooks for demonstrations and disseminating powerful material on social networks.

“Creativity with a conscience” is the term we’ve adopted to describe it. Our research into the freelance design sector revealed the following five factors to be of paramount importance to designers in 2018.

Healthcare and community wellness
caused by climate change
The pursuit of racial equity
Obtaining Economic Justice
safety of children

As a result of these results, we issued a call to action for the members of our community to create posters for issues near and dear to their hearts. Submissions covered a wide range of topics, from highlighting LGBTQA+ voices to preserving rainforests and maintaining clean rivers. Following are three winners who will each have $500 USD donated to a charity of their choice.

Margorite explains that this artwork was inspired by the #JustSayGay movement that was formed to oppose the proposed legislation. to send the message that we, the LGBTQA+ community, will not be bullied or pushed about ever again.

Even though she now works and lives in Amsterdam, Lulunamostu, an illustrator, will always consider Bosnia and Herzegovina home. She suggested a charity that works to ensure a bright future for all animals.

Mar Sifuentes created a poster with hand-illustrated Latinas to celebrate a group whose purpose is to empower indigenous women leaders across Peru.

More than ever, today’s designers believe their work can change the world. However, that’s not the only way designers may get to work on projects they care about. One more example of “creativity with a conscience”

One of the most varied and globally accessible industries to date is explored in depth in our 2022 report, Design Without Borders. Explore the year through the eyes of artists by reading the thoughts and observations of 10,000 independent creatives from 144 different countries.

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