How to Choose : Tips for Buying Bed Room Furniture

A new space calls for new furniture, but whether you’re moving into a new space or simply leveling up your bedroom set, choosing new bedroom furniture can be exhausting.

If you take the conventional route, you’ll be shown a bunch of stock items that aren’t quite what you want but that you’ll probably end up buying after listening to a salesman’s pitch for twenty minutes.

If you go to a store where you have to “buy the room,” you might end up with one great piece of furniture and a lot of pieces you don’t like.

If you’re not familiar with the store, you could end up with a bedroom set that doesn’t fit your space and isn’t returnable if you order it online without first seeing it.

At Modloft, we feel the frustration. It’s why we not only design beautiful pieces that you’ll love the instant you receive them, we also offer an in-home, risk-free trial. If you don’t love the furniture in your particular space, you can simply return it or exchange it.

Warning: It’s not often that people come back for their purchases. Our customers agree: our furniture is crafted with obsessive precision and beautiful design.

When it’s time to choose new bedroom furniture, we’ve got you covered. We’ll go over the options for bedroom furniture, the things you really need, and the best way to go about selecting the perfect pieces for your home’s most private space.

The first step in choosing bedroom furniture is determining what you need. From beds to bureaus, we’ve got you covered. We’ll explain what different pieces of bedroom furniture are and how they are used.

It’s the foundational element of your bedroom. Naturally, there will be a bed in your bedroom, and you can pick from a variety of sizes (from twin to California king). There are two main considerations when picking a bed:

how big your bedroom is. You might have your heart set on a king-sized bed, but if your bedroom isn’t large enough, that bed will look ridiculous and possibly prevent you from having any other pieces of furniture.

Keep at least 30 inches of space on each side of your bed away from the wall for optimal comfort. This is the minimum distance that should exist between your bed and any furniture.

Always remember that this is the bare minimum required for your comfort and safety. Perhaps you’re yearning for a little bit more room to spread out in your own unique fashion.

Number of sleeping occupants When it comes to furnishing your own bedroom, the size bed you want is determined by your personal preferences and the amount of space you have available.When furnishing a guest bedroom, however, it is prudent to make provisions for at least two guests to sleep there.

While a queen-size bed is ideal for guests, a full-size mattress will do in a pinch. Once you know what you have to work with in terms of bedroom square footage, you can zero in on the specific bed design you want. It’s best to make your bed selection before doing any other decorating.

Besides the bed, the dresser is an essential part of any bedroom (or dressers). If you’re the only one sleeping in the bedroom, you probably only need one; if there are two of you or if you just want some extra space, you might need two.

Similarly, there are simple methods for figuring out what kind and how large of a dresser will fit in the room. Both the dresser and the bed’s head should be able to rest against a wall. If you have 30 inches of space around your bed, your dresser shouldn’t take up any of it.

Even if you’re trying to live a minimalist lifestyle, you still need a nightstand. A nightstand not only serves a practical purpose (by providing a surface on which to set a cup or lamp), but also contributes to the coziness and comfort of the bedroom.

Even if you are only furnishing a room for one person, two nightstands are a smart choice. When only one is used, the composition may seem off-kilter.

When furnishing a guest room, you can’t be sure which side of the bed your visitor prefers, so a single nightstand on the wrong side of the bed is a real possibility.

If you go to a furniture store, you won’t have to settle for a set if you have your heart set on some excellent pieces of bedroom furniture. Here at Modloft, it’s a breeze to mix and match furniture from our extensive catalog to create the impression of a thoughtfully put-together space.