How to Choose the Right Hairstyle

You can’t just pick a hairstyle and expect it to look good on you; you also need to consider your hair’s texture and density. Selecting a cut that works with your natural hair texture and type will not only give you a stylish hairdo but will also reduce the time and effort you need to put into maintaining and styling it.

For those of you with fine hair, here are some great hairstyle options to consider:

A short, wavy, and ash blonde bob is cut for fine hair.

The blunt ends and big waves throughout this bob cut are specifically designed to enhance thin hair. The hair on our model has been given volume and thickness by being backcombed at the roots and given a windblown style all over. Adding a root-boosting spray before styling will maximise volume.

Ariana Madix is a medium blonde with a straight bob and fine hair texture.

A blunt bob cut to about shoulder length is another great choice for fine hair. A chic bob with few layers and blunt ends is shown here on Ariana Madix, who wears her hair in a messy middle part. This is a low-maintenance hairstyle that will make even the thinnest locks look full and healthy.

fine-textured, light-blonde pixie cut with layers and bangs.

One more great style for fine hair is the pixie cut. This face-framing hairstyle is great for fine hair because it adds volume and texture with minimal effort. Applying mousse before styling will give you fullness all over, and using wax to style the ends out will add shape and texture.

Medium-Texture Hair
If your hair is already of a medium texture, you probably won’t need to worry too much about altering its structure. There are a variety of razor-short hairdos to consider if you’re after a shorter cut. Instead, thicken your hair by using blunt cuts with little to no graduation.

Greater than average hair mass
Having a head full of hair is not a disadvantage. With thick hair, shaving or slicing off excess hair with a razor can help (not recommended for curly hair).About half of your natural hair density will be lost during the chemical straightening process if you have curly hair.

black hairstyle that is medium in length and straight, with a high density of hair.

For a smooth, sculpted look, we straightened and layered the hair of our model. The layers in front of the face make thick hair appear less massive and give the wearer a more oval or round profile.

Kate Bock’s thickly haired, shoulder-length, dark-blonde bob

Here, Kate Bock’s long, thick hair is tamed by a lot of layering at the ends, which eliminates the thick, heavy appearance that would otherwise be present. Straight hair with a lot of density looks better after being layered throughout, and razoring the ends can further reduce the volume.

Density of Hair, Moderate
How fortunate you are! If you want to have a wide variety of hairstyles, you should be able to easily change the balance of your hair. To put it simply, you can make your hair appear thinner through razor cutting, slicing, etc., or thicker through growing out specific layers.

Katherine McNamara’s hair is a shoulder-grazing, shoulder-length blonde with a medium hair density.

Katherine McNamara styles her medium-density hair by adding subtle slices throughout the ends for movement and body without taking away any of her hair’s natural density. If you want a beautiful, natural look, focus your layers on the front of your face.

The hair density of Caroline Flack’s medium-length, wavy bob is also medium, and her hair colour is a two-tone blend of medium brunette and medium blonde.

Caroline Flack gives her medium-density hair extra volume and body with a blunt cut and waves all through. This simple, blunt cut is perfect for giving medium-length hair the appearance of thickness and volume it deserves.

The hair density is very low.
There are a variety of hairdos that work well with thin hair. Haircuts that are heavier on top and longer on the sides, for example, are great because they make your hair appear thicker and hold its shape for longer without driving you crazy on hotter days. Adapted bob cuts and wedges can give you a fresh new look if you’re in the market for a new hairstyle.

thin, straight, light-blonde bob haircut with swept-to-the-side bangs.

An easy bob cut like this one can make thin hair look fuller and thicker. You can choose between a full fringe and a side-swept fringe to emphasise your best facial features. It works best if the points are kept rounded.

Laura Dern’s Haircut: Golden Blonde, Medium Waves

The ends of thin hair can look great when layered, curled, or waved, and then teased to create volume. If you want thick, voluminous hair, stick to shoulder-length or longer haircuts and use a volumizing product combination.

Explore our collection now that you have a better idea of which cuts will complement your hair’s natural characteristics. There are thousands of hairstyles to choose from!

Check out our hairstyle finder and personalised hair consultation tools for even more assistance in deciding on the ideal cut and colour for you. They will help you zero in on the best hairdos for your face shape, hair type, and texture. Start using them right now!